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A Tale of Two Churches

At its beginning, Eastern Road Church of God came out of a series of revival meetings during the mid-1950s. Back then, a group of believers came together under the name of Rittman Church of God of the Mountain Assembly (the congregation's original moniker). Over the years, the church would move from its original gathering place in Easton, Ohio to a number of other locations before finally coming to the Eastern Road location in the 1980s where it has gathered ever since.

Meanwhile, in the late 90s, another congregation was taking shape. In the year 1999, Faron J. Cole came into the senior pastoral role at the Assembly of Faith. Under the leadership of Pastor Faron Cole, would meet in three different locations until finally outgrowing their then current facilities on Van Buren Ave. in Barberton, Ohio.

In 2002, Pastor Faron Cole received a call from a bishop within the Church of God Mountain Assembly in regard to a church that needed a pastor. At the same time, the Assembly of Faith was in need of a building. 

After meeting with the congregation at Eastern Road, each congregation came to a vote; and, in September of 2002, the congregations merged into what would later be called Eastern Road Church of God.

Since that time, the church has expanded its ministries, which includes a food pantry, which distributes food and other essentials to the local community, a Christian Academy, as well as numerous other ministeries. If you would like to see a fuller listing of the ministries of ERCOG Click Here

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