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ERCOG Ministering to the Whole Person

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Ministry to Different Generations

Ministering to the whole person involves meeting people in various area of their lives, including the age group to which they belong. For more information about how ERCOG is ministering to our different age groups within the community:

Outreach: Domestic & Foreign

Eastern Road Church of God reaches out to the community immediately surrounding her as well as reaches out on a broader scale in foreign missions through sending out teams and partnering with our greater fellowship of churches to send food and clothing to other countries.

Bereavement Classes

Everyone will experience grief at some point in their life. That being said, some people experience greater hardship in going through the grieving process and may need more assistance managing through it than others; and, some people may feel like a dark cloud continually looms over their heads or some may feel uncertain how to manage through grief in a healthy way. ERCOG offers classes to help people manage through the pain of loss with others who have undergone their own bout with grief. 

Budgeting Classes

As part of our ministry philosophy of ministering to the whole person, ERCOG offers budgeting classes to help individuals and families that struggle in this area get a better handle on their finances.

Ministry to Veterans

ERCOG assists veterans in helping them connect with benefits that they may not even know are theirs as individuals who have served in the armed forces of the United States.

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