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Domestic Outreach

Fresh Vegetable in Basket

The ERCOG Food Ministry

What became the ERCOG Food Ministry was originally founded around 19 years ago in Summit County; and, when Pastor Cole came to Eastern Road the food ministry came with him. 

Over those years the food ministry has been able to supply food and other essentials to countless individuals and families from the local and surrounding communities.

Typically, people are allowed to receive goods from the food ministry once a month during its regular hours of operation on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9 am until Noon.

Holding Hands

The Care Ministry

The Care Ministry is involved with a variety of different works within the local church. Beyond offering a thought or prayer for a sick member who didn't make it to church on Sunday, the Care Ministry also takes times time to visit the sick, widows, and shut-ins (including those living in nursing facilities). 

Toddler with Toys

It's Different in December

During the month of December, Eastern Road takes time to appreciate its workers as well as takes a different approach to its domestic outreach. A couple of examples include 1.) different days & hours for the food ministry and 2.) our annual toy campaign in December. For more information, check out our Calendar of Events as you see this time of year approaching (Calendar of Events yet to come).

Toddler with Toys

Annual Toy Campaign

During the month of December. 

Foreign Outreach

Food & Clothing to the Nations

For many years Eastern Road Church of God has partnered with its greater fellowship of churches to send missions barrels filled food and/or clothing to countries where our fellow brothers and sisters distribute these goods to individuals in their communities. Over the years, thousands of missions barrels have been sent out of the country. Countries aided through this effort include Jamaica, Haiti, Liberia, and more.

Missions Teams/Missions Awareness

Alongside our other efforts, ERCOG sends teams to some countries to hold conferences for church leaders, encourage the brethren, and  bring awareness to the conditions on the mission field.

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